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Quick Facts about Alzheimer ’s Disease

More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, a form of dementia. The disease causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior which can affect both the person with the disease and the people around them.

Medication Accessories and Dispensers: Some Sing, Flash and Tattle

Just as the title says, some new pillbox dispensers sing, flash, and even tattle on you if you do not take your medication. If you are lucky, some medication box systems may even call you on the phone to remind you about what you were supposed to do but did not. It cannot get cleverer and fancier than that, I must say. This was bound to happen eventually, once washing machines started playing musical tunes at the end of their washing and drying cycles.

Craft Projects for Seniors

When you get older there are many factors that keep you from doing the things that you have always loved to do throughout your life. Senior citizens are often times subject to limited dexterity, low vision and other physical or mental limitations. Many seniors still enjoy the sense of accomplishment from creating something that crafts typically provide. There are so many different types of crafting options available for all ages, but those that are good for people with the limitations listed above are part of a smaller group. Getting into crafts that you might not have ever been into your whole life can be difficult, but the benefits far outweigh the satisfaction of completing the project itself. If you live in a senior home of assisted living facility, making crafts can bring people together allowing you to meet new people and helps them feel a sense of belonging.

Mother's Day Cupcake

This past Friday on May 9th, Senior Helpers of Torrance had the opportunity to pass out Mother Day cupcakes to those in skilled nursing facilities. And the experience was phenomenal! The look of surprise, happiness, and elation mixed confusion was seen on all those who received cupcakes.

How to help your family and friends when living with Alzheimer’s

When living with a disease such as Alzheimer’s it is important to understand that you are not the only one that has to adjust. Your loved ones want to help you as much as they can but there are some things that a person with the disease can do to help both them and themselves.

Taking Care of Your Elders

As your parents age, there might come a time when they need frequent care. Perhaps they need to move into your home, but you don't know if you're ready. There are a few steps that you need to take before you are ready for home health care of a loved one. Of course, after you've prepared the home for your incoming parent or other elder, we do offer home health care for you if it becomes too much of an inconvenience for you.

To the New Year and In Home Elderly Help

The Christmas holiday has passed us and we are ready to face the New Year. We’ve all had great plans to make big changes in our lifestyle for the New Year only to slide back into our old ways in just a little bit of time. This recurring pattern may make us reluctant to make New Year’s Resolutions at all. This year will be the year we make our resolutions and keep them!

Healthy Holiday Treats and Professional in Home Care for Seniors

If your elderly loved one is anything like mine, they are probably overdoing it in the kitchen; baking up a storm that very few can contain. Many seniors find baking to be very therapeutic and can find themselves in a sea of peanut brittle, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, cheesecakes, candies, and pies. While these delectable treats are tasty, they aren’t always the healthiest choice for a snack; especially for an elderly person who may be coping with health issues such as diabetes.

Give the Gift of Time and In Home Care for Elderly

If you have an elderly loved one in your life, this is the time of year when the gift of time is far more valuable than cash or material things. Give your elderly parent or friend time and attention in the attitude of love, not obligation. Visit them with the attitude of patience and kindness. Time is more valuable than possessions because things can be replaced and time cannot. Generosity with our time, especially with an elderly loved one, is so important. As people get older, they treasure time and memories more. Sharing memories and giving the gift of time spent together with an elderly person is the most cherished present you can possibly give.

Holiday Helpers and In Home Elderly Care

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already here. The holiday spirit is difficult to avoid when the malls and city streets are lined with twinkling lights and sparkly garland. Some radio stations have converted to solely playing Christmas music for the month of December. You may be busy with shopping for gifts and gathering decorations to create a festive atmosphere in your home and office. There’s no ignoring it now; the holidays are here.

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