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Serving Knoxville and surrounding areas.
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Holiday Respite Care Services for Seniors and Caregivers

The holiday season is full of cheer and laughter, with friends and family coming together to celebrate the joyous time of year. But for many, this time can also be difficult because of possible cognitive or physical changes in their senior family members.Many seniors need some extra help, and they fear that their family will forget about them because they are too busy with other responsibilities. This causes stress, feelings of isolation, and loneliness. Primary caregivers may also not be available 24/7, and they may feel guilty or worried that their loved ones will not get the care they need. However, at Senior Helpers, we provide respite care services to help you and your loved one enjoy the holidays without hassle.

What Are Respite Care Services? 

Respite care services are designed to give you time off from the demands of caring full-time and enable you to get much-needed rest, relaxation, or time to attend to other responsibilities. They can be especially helpful for individuals who are providing care on a full-time basis with no breaks.

Care can be provided at home or in a healthcare facility and is often available daily and long-term. This allows the family or caregiver to have time off from their regular care responsibilities while their loved one receives quality attention and support.

Respite care services include:

  • Companionship and emotional support, including conversation and socialization
  • Personal care (bathing, grooming, etc.)
  • Light housekeeping tasks such as laundry and dishes
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Transportation to doctor's appointments or errands

How We Can Help Seniors Get Ready for the Holidays

To get ready for the holidays, our caregivers at Senior Helpers can do various things to help.

  • We are happy to help your loved one shop online or at the store to find those perfect presents for family members and friends as well as items that will make their household more festive.
  • We can help decorate the house so that it feels festive and full of joy.
  • We can also wrap gifts and mail them out if necessary. We'll also write cards for you, so your loved one can join in on the holiday spirit even though they may be confined to their home.
  • If your loved one is not comfortable being at home by themselves, we can come to the residence for a holiday meal and help them enjoy their favorite activities so that they feel included.
  • Our caregivers can also help with transportation or even take care of chores around the house so that your loved one isn't stuck at home alone waiting for help.

It is a great relief for family members when they receive an opportunity to spend time away from home because it gives them the chance to relax and rejuvenate before returning with refreshed energy for their loved one.

If your family wants to go on vacation but your loved one does not want to travel, we can come in for a week or two and help give you peace of mind while away from home. When it comes time to return from the holiday season, our caregivers can also help your loved one transition back to their normal routine.

Senior Helpers is here for you and your family during the holiday season because we understand how difficult it can be to find quality care while celebrating these joyful times with friends, family, or even just taking a little break from caring for an elder daily. We are also available throughout the year to provide respite care so that you can get some rest while your loved one has fun and engaging activities.

If this sounds like something that would be helpful for you or your family, contact our office today.