“We have used 2 other home care companies and Senior Helpers has been the best by far. Their business portion has been very professional and efficient with a focus on training. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. The caregiver is great to work with and is an invaluable help to both the client and spouse. I would highly recommend them.” By Paul

“I like the fact that they are very concerned about the people they care for, and they hire great caregivers. She is very concerned and compassionate, and anticipates my needs. I’m very happy with Senior Helpers and have recommended them to others several times!” By Joan

“Everything seems to fall into place for me with Senior Helpers. Katie, my caregiver, does her best to guide me on all my activities and also looks to see that all my medications and appointments are accurate. Senior Helpers is excellent! I am very lucky to have them and they have exceed all of my expectations! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing any help at home! “By Kenneth

Very good service
My elderly mother has used caregivers from Senior Helpers for nearly a year to help her with activities of daily living. The caregivers are efficient and treat her with respect, When there has been a rare issue, it has been resolved in a timely fashion. I would certainly recommend this service to other families.
Marilyn Goebel
Thu, 06/08/17

Caregivers, come to work for this awesome company!
I am writing as an employee of Senior Helpers here in Spokane. I have been employed as a CNA with Senior Helpers for seven years and have been blessed to work for a company with integrity and shows respect for their employees. They in return appreciate caregivers that truly want to take care of their clients with respect and compassion. Our seniors deserve the best. When I am out in the community and people ask me where I work, I tell them and they reply that they have heard good things about Senior Helpers. It is a name that is recognized. If you are looking for a great place to work where you will be appreciated, give Senior Helpers a call.
Marjorie Winters
Thu, 01/19/17

Professional, compassionate caregivers & staff!
I'm so fortunate to have used Senior Helpers to care for me after having ankle surgery. The caregivers were so compassionate and always ready to help. The office staff was polite, easy to speak to, and extremely professional. Their RN was extremely knowledgeable, accessible, and coached me and their caregivers to produce positive outcomes. I highly recommend Senior Helpers to help anyone at home, especially after surgery.
Kathie B
Mon, 03/21/16

Twice in one year
I had the opportunity to use Senior Helpers twice this year. After their care in May, there was no doubt who was going to help me recover from open heart surgery later in the year. They were timely, friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with whatever I asked them to do; from trips to the store to housework. I also want to thank the office staff for keeping up with my ever changing schedule as I recovered from my hospital visits and my needs changed. Its the little things like this that leave a lasting impression and, of course, all of the nice people that I met.
Tom Lundstrom
Fri, 12/04/15

Senior Helpers provided much needed help to my parents during a time of need. The helpers were all friendly and caring, and the family was able to stop worrying knowing our parents were well looked after.
Rosemary Yocum
Thu, 12/03/15

My dad left for Virginia for a short visit this past October. He was on a ladder cutting a branch off a tree when he fell 25 feet and his life changed drastically.

He went on to spend nearly 3 months in hospitals recovering until he came back to our home here in Spokane, weighing 148 pounds and dependent on tube feeding to survive.

The first week he was in our home was overwhelming, and that was the point when his home health physical therapist told us about Senior Helpers. We were able to get a caregiver for my dad within days, and I was able to go back to work. My dad quickly made improvements and gained 30 pounds.

He was able to go home where his caregiver from Senior Helpers made the transition go smoothly, and continues to give him independence and us peace of mind. He was very depressed when he first arrived, but his caregiver has helped relieve the loneliness and helplessness he was dealing with early on.

We are grateful for what Senior Helpers has done for our family - they take care of my dad so that we can go back to enjoying our time with him and not feel overwhelmed. The part that makes Senior Helpers so different from the rest is the personal concern they have for each client, the flexibility they allow for scheduling, and especially the people they have to care for your loved ones who are reliable and thorough in the care they give.

I have been really very happy with them.

I have been really very happy with them. We had the most wonderful caregiver for about six weeks, but due to personal circumstances she had to leave us. We were pretty sad about that, but I met the new one today, and she is just great as the one before. It's a total blessing. They are very loving and respectful. I haven't had any issues with people being late, or not being able to find a replacement. Our loved ones have done really well. We chose them, because Tiffany the owner was very compassionate, and very real. I also liked the way they train their staff on dementia with the Senior Gems program.
September 2014
Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

Very Caring, Accomodating

Senior Helpers is an in-home care service that helped take care of my father until the end and my mother at the same time. They took a lot of pressure off of us when things became difficult. Tiffany is an RN who is in charge of the service and is amazing -- she is easy to communicate with, caring, helpful with medical matters, and the caretakers under her reflect all of this and more. In a really difficult time for us, they cared so much and were very accommodating, flexible, and understanding of our needs. They took great care of both my mother and father, never letting details slip through the cracks. Wonderful in-home care!
May 2014
Susan Dyck
Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

Senior Helpers is a great organization, responsive to their clients, and hire good people. I appreciate the caregivers and how they are good at pushing me or helping me with whatever I need. They provide me with the right care and oversee my rehab. They are compassionate and know about the needs of someone who has just had a surgery. They know what to look for and what to check. They helped me through an adverse reaction of a medication I was taking. They were always clean, presentable, and professional. The office staff responds to my call in a polite and provide me with the information I need.
Donna H.
December 9, 2014
Verified by Home Care Pulse

I would highly recommend Senior Helpers to somebody any day of the week because they’ve taken good care of me. They show me compassion and does a good job with everything I need. They show me compassion, take me out to lunch once in awhile, makes sure I’m fed well, and even help me pick up my prescriptions. I’m also confident in the office staff because they always let me know what’s going on. The schedule has been coordinated well around my needs and I am very happy with them.
Carl M
November 8, 2014
Verified by Home Care Pulse

I couldn’t find a better source of quality home care and I would recommend Senior Helpers to anybody. They are very flexible with our needs and the office staff calls to see if I’m satisfied; they invite me to all any time I have a problem, which is great. I appreciate that the caregivers are always here on time; they are very patient and courteous. The caregivers also very knowledgable about everything that I’ve asked her to do and volunteer to do things that I don’t even ask her to do. I couldn’t find a better source of quality home care. Senior Helpers is very flexible according to our needs.
Mary Jane O.
July 31, 2014
Verified by Home Care Pulse

I can’t express how much of a relief Senior Helper’s services have been for me! If I need something, Senior Helpers is there. Bill is our primary caregiver, and he does anything and everything that needs to be done. I don’t know what I would do without Bill. The office staff is also knowledgeable and helpful with whatever I need. They have responded to our needs perfectly. I would love to tell other how wonderful it has been and I can’t even describe the difference that it has made! I recommend Senior Helpers all the time!
-July 2015
Nancy W.
Verified by Home Care Pulse

Senior Helpers worked with me, and they are honest and true. Every caregiver they sent me, we hit it off really well. One time we forgot to leave the door open, and they waited very patiently for us to open the door. The caregivers showed me they really cared by being kind and gently, yet firm, in their instructions. They were on time and do all the things that needed to be done. They are all so nice and feel like family. They were caring and loving, and I was lucky to meet some really wonderful people from Senior Helpers.
-June 2015
Helen H.
Verified by Home Care Pulse

I am confident in Senior Helpers, from their office staff to their caregivers. My caregivers have been compassionate to me when my feet hurt, and I appreciate how they come by and check on me to make sure I am all right. They always jump right in when I have dishes that need to be done, they straighten up my house, vacuum, and have even gone to the store for me when I needed things. I would recommend others to Senior helpers. They have been able to make a difference for me.
-May 2015
Roger B.
Verified by Home Care Pulse

I was very impressed with Senior Helpers. If someone were to tell me that they were overwhelmed and needed help I would tell them to call Senior Helpers. I appreciate that Senior Helpers was able to help us the same day that we first called them. They were very kind and considerate to my mother. They were always on time and always took very good care of my mom when she was alive. My mom passed away and they were there until the very end—very caring and compassionate. They wrote everything down about the care so I knew what was going on. All the caregivers seemed to fit into whatever roll they needed to fill. I would have to say that having the help of Senior Helpers extended my mom’s life.
-March 2015
Alice P.
Verified by Home Care Pulse