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Why "Aging Out Loud" Takes Communities of Care

As owner of Senior Helpers Boston I love the fact that there’s an “Older American Month”, and this year’s theme is “Age Out Loud”. It speaks volumes about our seniors, the control they continue to exercise over their lives, and about the communities that care about them.

The Urgency Under The Hood

Google may be great at finding a local mechanic, but it’s lousy at helping consumers sort out the vast landscape of navigating care in the home. This is particularly true when leaving the hospital or a short term nursing and rehabilitation community to head home – leaving the comfort of acute care where all aspects of care are managed and controlled.

"Going Home Safe" The New Art & Science to Recovery at Home

As owner of Senior Helpers Boston and South Shore, I am fully aware of the statistics following patients who return home from acute care. The harsh reality is that 1 out of 5 seniors return, within 30 days. It is one of the most troubling issues crippling our healthcare system in general, and for families, can prove devastating. Why does this happen? Where and how do things go so terribly wrong?

When Navigating the Most Important Journey of All

Why the Combination of Personal Support and Hospice Matters

When Navigating the Most Important Journey of All

As owner of Senior Helpers Boston and South Shore, I am in effect, connected to our clients and families. While I do not have the opportunity to meet all of them, I know something about each. Because of our nurse and case-centered approach to caregiving, every client in our care has a full case file of what we do for them every day. This is true regardless of the scope of care; be it something as simple as transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments to complex physical care for an advanced Parkinson’s diagnosis.