Senior Helpers has taken a bold step by telling the world that age does not erase hopes and dreams. And by implementing the Virtual Dementia Tour companywide, Senior Helpers has further demonstrated its commitment to those it serves. Senior Helpers is proud to support Second Wind Dreams® on this mission by encouraging donations, raising awareness, and sensitizing the world to dementia as a corporate partner.

What is the Virtual Dementia Tour?

Learning to create a positive environment for those with dementia can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes. Created by P.K. Beville, a specialist in geriatrics, this valuable, easy to follow experiential tour is designed to instill hope in professional and family caregivers, providing them with a tool to move from sympathy to empathy and better understand the behaviors and needs of their loved ones and patients.

Interested in learning how you can bring the Virtual Dementia Tour to you?

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"Until There’s a Cure, Take The Tour!"

Brett Skinner

Brett has been a resident of Orange County for over 25 years. He resides in Brea with his wife and 2 daughters ages 16 and 7. Brett has been involved in businesses for over 30 years. After graduating from Washington State University, Brett gained experience in restaurant and golf course management. Brett wanted to go into business on his own. Senior Care has been near and dear to his heart because he was the primary caregiver for his mother for years, and he saw the lack of support and information for the public when it came to taking care of our senior loved ones. Brett wanted to be involved in something where he could give guidance to people when choosing how to care for their loved ones. This is the reason he decided to purchase Senior Helpers.

Brett is the brains behind Senior Helpers. Our businesses core values are a mirror reflection of his views on how our loved ones should be cared for. Brett has developed and implemented systems and trainings for all staff members (not just the caregivers) at Senior Helpers. Brett truly believes that our caregivers are better equipped with trainings and tools which help them care for our clients properly and more efficiently. From trainings for specific client’s conditions, to having a mobile app for the caregivers which they can log live information such as clients condition change, or specific meals requirements. Brett’s goal is to improve the quality of life of all our clients. You will often hear him say, that “we are not here to just take care of you or to help you out, we are here to improve your quality of life on a daily basis”.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys playing Golf and watching Sports, that is if he is not busy watching his 2 daughters who dance competitively.

Hiten Adhvaryu

Hiten is also a life long resident of Orange County and resides in Brea with his Wife and 2 daughters ages 9 and 4. After graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Hiten has been involved in businesses for more than 15 years. Hiten has built a successful Automotive business based on philosophy of treating each client as he would like to be treated and treating each employee as part of his won family.

Hiten grew up in a home where he saw his mother care for his grandma and Grandpa and witnessing the challenges his mother had to go through while caring for his aging grandparents. When the opportunity to get involved in a business which is in such need came along, Hiten jumped on the opportunity.

In his spare time, Hiten also enjoys Golfing and watching his favorite teams (Go Lakers & Go Steelers) play.

Lucy Huerta

If Brett is the brains behind Senior Helpers Lucy is the muscle behind it. Lucy is the Office/Caregiver manager and is responsible for the services we provide. She has over 30 years’ experience working for Sears starting from Sales person and being the store General Manager.

Having experience in Hiring the right people, and being bi-lingual, she hires the best of the best Caregivers for Senior Helpers.

Lucy is also a long-time resident of Orange County and resides in Yorba Linda. She is also a graduate of Cal State Fullerton. When Lucy is not busy making sure that all of our clients are getting the services they need, she enjoys being part of the Yorba Linda Women’s club, and watch the Los Angeles Chargers and spending time with her adult son.


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