"I would most definitely recommend Senior Helpers. They are very knowledgeable and are good at teaching families about things. There was a video that I was able to watch about the stages [Alzheimer's] I would go through. They have just been very helpful."

Ms. L, Granger, IN - February 2015


"My caregiver knows what she needs to do to take care of me. My caregiver shows up on time and works hard."

Barbara, Elkhart, IN - February 2015


"The caregivers see what needs to be done and do it, the caregivers listen to my dad. The office staff have been great with communication with me. Senior helpers is a great option if you need someone to check in on your parents a few times a week."

Linda, Reno, NV - January 2015


"The office helped us figure out how to get my parents the help because they were resisting it. The caregivers took interest in my parents."

Trent, St. Joseph, MI - January 2015


"The client had one caregiver in particular would bring in things that that she would need. She'd make sure she was dressed nicely for the day and her hair and nails were done."

Anonymous - January 2015


"My father was blind, the way the caregivers treated him was wonderful. …when I called the office, they answered right away…. the office staff responded to any request."

Susan, West Tisbury, MA - January 2015


"Senior Helpers provides good caregivers and it would be an excellent agency for others to work with."



"I appreciate that Senior Helpers is friendly and efficient."

Jenny, Massachusetts


"The 'caregiver' is very on top of it and in tune. She anticipates what 'client' needs."

Ms. M


"The caregivers are never late, and they arrange with each other for covering until the other caregiver shows up. There has never been a gap in coverage."

Anne (24/7 Client)


"My dad is happy with the caregiver and she goes above and beyond. I have confidence in the agency because of the way the house looks and the way my dad looks."

Ms. W


"I appreciate that Senior Helpers is very accommodating."



"The caregivers even communicate with me on the weekend. They're there when I need them."



"Whenever there has been any scheduling issues, Senior Helpers is sure to fix it right away."



"Senior Helpers has been efficient, compassionate, the caregivers are well trained, and Senior Helpers knows how to deal with certain situations."



"'Client' was most familiar with 'caregiver' and he loved her."




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