Patience- Not only from the attending personnel but from the Administration as well. I'm very appreciative that I am not continually bothered to increase services. Thank you!

Ray A.

I like the special interest the aides take in working with my mom and getting timely updates on how she is doing and what issues need to be addressed.

Pat W.


Senior Helpers goes above and beyond in everything they do. I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend them to anyone who has a loved one in need of care.

Words can't express my gratitude for this agency. The owners kept open a constant line of communication to ensure my mother was both comfortable and well cared for. The aide they matched her with was second to none and often put her own unique touch on what was already fantastic service. I would often come home to find she had brought in flowers from our garden to brighten up my mother's day. And for the days we were in the hospital, the aide came with coffee and a smile. In contrast, an aide we had with a different agency saw my mother being rushed into an ambulance and asked her to sign a timesheet before she left.

The work Senior Helpers does is so, so important, and they do a phenomenal job. They will not let your family down; in fact, you may find they become part of it.

Chris B.

We've had a wonderful experience for my father in law with Senior Helpers. His caregivers have all been wonderful & his main caregiver has been a lifesaver for us, especially since we are out of state. SH are always accommodating, patient, compassionate & extremely helpful. We'd be lost without them. Craig is a godsend. The absolute best that we could ever hope for, even better than the best.


All the office staff at Senior Helpers in Smithtown are very responsive and caring and a pleasure to talk to. They are well organized and have a very clear and efficient way of communicating with each other that makes it easy to work with them and trust that they will follow through with whatever needs to be done. 

My mother had 2 very kind and loving companions from Senior Helpers on alternating days for 5 months until she needed a different level of care. Both of them cared for my mom in a warm and gentle manner and coordinated with me to ensure she followed her routine (like doing her exercises) and that whatever she needed was done each day. 
Our experience with Senior Helpers in Smithtown was far superior to the home care agencies we had worked with previously and I highly recommend them!

B. Wilson

I can email the office and get a reply within an hour, that is even the case on the weekend.

Catherine H. -Ridge

The office staff has a great communication and keeps me updated and they are very timely. They ask for feedback. I feel there is a constant understanding in the office.

Teruko K. - Smithtown

The office follows through on all that they do, and they ask questions about the new caregivers. They also routinely call me to see how things are going, and that is a huge plus. Glen who initially helped us could not have been nicer. He frequently comes to introduce a caregiver.

Ethel M. - Smithtown

The Office staff all know who I am and immediately looks at notes that they share and know what is going on. They are quick to communicate within the staff. They are organized in their notes and communication. They are very much on the ball.

Margareth G. - Setauket

I appreciate that Senior Helpers is easy to reach on the phone. You can just call to get additional hours and they are available. The caregiver is very in tune with his needs and treats my father with dignity and respect.

 Lori, St. James - 1/4/2017

My parents’ caregivers are very compassionate and they do not rush to get the job done.  Senior Helpers has helped me the most by doing a service that I cannot do alone.  They are caring, loving, sincere, warm and they are excellent to have in your home for help.

Antoinette, Holtsville - 1/4/2017

Senior helpers had a compassionate office and they responded to me if I had concerns. They were always available.

Michael G., Oakdale - 6/30/16

I would tell a friend that Senior Helpers is a very credible senior care outfit that is always striving to place the right caregivers with their clients, and they make sure that things are done right. The ethics of the business is shaped from the owner, whom I know personally.

Barbara D., Coram - 6/30/16

Hi Gayle,

My mom, Catherine , is a client of yours, receiving the services of senior helpers daily or twice a day, most days of the week. It has been a godsend and an answer to our prayers since last summer.

I think the Wellness Watch program is another wonderful idea. Your agency fills in a gap that no other agency does. A minimum of four hours of care a day is a deal breaker for many people and your senior helpers service and this new idea bridge that gap for those unable or unwilling to get services otherwise. I have been so impressed with your agency especially as far as quality of care and flexibility of services. Your response time when there are any issues or gaps in scheduling is remarkable. The staff we have worked with is responsive and accommodating. As a nurse who has worked in home healthcare, I appreciate the level of care your agency provides.

Thank you for caring so much. I just had to let you know what a great, innovative concept this new program is.


The caregivers take good care of my mom and I cannot ask for more than that. If a caregiver cannot make it , they make sure to get the caregiver covered.

Antoinette D. , Coram - 2/3/16

Senior Helpers is a good quality company. They are professional and they communicate well. They provide good services and try to connect well with the client. They try to give care to the client that is individualized. Senior Helpers provides an outlet. They provide someone that my mom can go out with. She has freedom and connection with the world around her now because of Senior Helpers.

Rita C. , PT Jefferson - 2/3/16

I just wanted to take a moment to say how incredibly grateful we are for the caregivers - Marian and Barbara - for my parents . They are so kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and so very helpful to our entire family. They are always patient, calm and organized. Marian and Barbara are the very best caregivers we've ever had. Just thought you'd want to know how pleased we are with them and how appreciative we are of their help.

Irene - Islip Terrace

I will certainly recommend Senior Helpers to the seniors in my area and to
family because I have been very satisfied with the service. I am comfortable
with my caregiver and she is on the4 job all the time. She does everything
for me and meets all my wants and needs. I really enjoy her and look forward
to her visits. I have made a new friend.


Compassion is a twenty! Last weekend we thought we were losing mom. They all
texted me to see how mom was doing! That was so nice! The family came up and
we all stayed with her. Deena was there and told us to go to bed and that if
something came up, she would call us. Mom loves them to pieces! I only have
four of them and when can't be there, Margaret makes sure that one of the
four can cover. They do not want someone new coming in.

Bertha - Saint James

Senior Helpers is affordable! This was a big concern of ours because mom is
on a fixed income. Their staff is really friendly!

Mary - Smithtown

Senior Helpers makes my life much easier. I go out once a week to check on
her, but instead of having to worry about getting out there before a snow
storm, I have someone to take the load off my mind. When I go out to her
once a week now, I can go and have fun with her. They have eased my burden a
lot because I do not live close.

Marylou - Port Jefferson


I want you to know how thankful we are to have Kathy take care of my father. We were very fortunate to have her as a caregiver. She is a good person and has been a great help to my sister while I am away. Please let her supervisors know that she is wonderful and we are grateful for all of her concerns and care she has give our father. We wouldn't want anyone else.


Your Aids are phenominial and will receive the highest recommendation for any future clients you have that need a reference.


We were working with another company that wasn't showing up on schedule. Now we are much more confident that someone will be there every day to take care of my uncle and ot just anyone but Ana who is a kind and caring companion.


Maureen is not only compassionate towards my Aunt but also with us as family members. She treats my Aunt with respect and always knows what she needs at certain tims.


I feel comfortable that Ana is there for my Uncle, she cares about him and takes the time to do anything that he needs. She is always on time and knows what he needs before he needs it.


The service was amazing. Lori made sure everything was done very well. She was very sweet and became like one of our sisters. The agency was great to work with and they made sure we were all take care of.


Amy is a nice person who always shows up on time and is flexible with the days she works. The agency will always call to let us know what is going on and they alwas return our calls. We've never had a problem and whenever we call to tell them my mom needs an extra day they will always find someone who is available.


Senior Helpers office staff and caregivers are very personalized and individualized to our families needs.


My mom is in a facility and her caregivers have an incredible personal touch. They get engaged with her. Senior Helpers is very flexible and affordable.


Amy is compassionate, very cheerful and goes the extra mile!


We are very happy with all of the caregivers for Fred, especially Michel who purchased a set of sheets and a steak dinner for him. He really goes above and beyond!


The two caregivers that we have for my mom, Cindy and Peggy are wonderful! -Virginia I love Cindy, she is very attentive. I requested a rice and bean dish that Cindy cooked for me and it was delicious!


I love Maria, we had a great time talking and would love to have her again!


Cheryl and Christine said that Lori is a big help and she's fantastic. Charlie is very comfortable with her.


They were on the ball on everything. They weren’t slackers. They would follow through on anything they needed to. They were very patient.


Senior Helpers is responsive and flexible to schedule changes. They make sure I get to my doctor appointments.


We are very satisfied. My parents are very pleased with Suzanne. She is a very hard worker and makes the best use of her time with them each week. She is very thoughtful with them, and treats them like her own family. So you can't ask for anything better than that.


Lisa is a Godsend! She's wonderful to my Dad!


Senior Helpers has been a life saver for both my mother and the whole family. My mother has been a client for two years now and everyone from the owners, the office folks and of course the caregivers have been nothing short of spectacular in helping my mother and family. Scheduling and logistics are handled perfectly.


It was a stroke of good fortune when I found your website, and asking for your help was one of the best things I could have done for my Dad. Right from the beginning I felt that my Dad was in good hands, and I was never disappointed. He spent his life caring for others and he deserved the good care that he received toward the end.


A big thank you to Linda for all your help and kindness, and to Ronna for being kind, patient, and a pleasure. I would highly recommend your services. My mom so enjoyed being a part of her grandson's special day.


Lisa is a joy and works hard. I could not wish for a more wonderful girl. I look forward to each time she comes. Thank you for your services.


We knew that help was needed for my mom but we weren’t sure what kind of help. Now she is where she wants to be, at home. We know she has good care and someone who enjoys being with her. With all the little “bumps” in the road Gayle and Linda have always been there for us, and I truly appreciate that


The caregiver came in for mother's day and went out of the way to bring a gift to my mom. She paid it out of her pocket. They love my mom and go out of their way to help her.

Teruko- Smithtown

The caregivers are compassionate. They go out of their way to pick up things for the client or they will bring things from home. They are understanding towards the client.

Dolores- Lake Ronkonkoma

The two caregivers we have right now do whatever they are asked to do. No task is too large or small. They are very understanding of the clients and their needs.

Josephine - Oakdale

It has helped a lot to have someone come to take care of my mom, it allows us to get out when we need to. I can call last minute and Senior Helpers always sends a good caregiver.

Bernadette M.- 6/9/15

Senior Helpers is the company to call if someone needs home care or transportation services.

David S.- 5/10/15


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