As our loved ones age, they periodically need a wellness check to ensure that they are in good health and spirits. Because the majority of people want to remain in their own homes through retirement and old age, the logistics of regular checks can pose a problem, which is compounded if they can no longer drive to appointments themselves. That’s where the Senior Helpers Wellness Watch program comes in. This program is based on semi-monthly home visits customized to the needs of your parent or loved one.

Benefits of Wellness Watch

There can be no doubt that it is important to you to give your loved one everything they need to be able to age in their own home with dignity and grace. But we understand that can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are worried about your loved one’s physical and mental health. Wellness Watch alleviates some of these difficulties by taking the responsibility for checkups off your shoulders (or the shoulders of another family member or neighbor) and providing professional, quality care.

Peace of Mind

Whether you live close by or far away, it can sometimes be difficult to do a regular wellness check on your loved one. At Senior Helpers, we understand that life can get busy, so we aim to give our clients’ families peace of mind with Wellness Watch. When you know that the person you love is safe and well, you are free to focus on life’s pressing matters. When you sign up for Wellness Watch, you will receive a monthly report describing your loved one’s wellbeing, keeping you up to date on exactly what is going on.


Contact with other humans is an essential part of life, and a shocking number of senior citizens feel lonely. That’s why companion care is so important! One of the main components of Wellness Watch is companion care, both in the form of phone calls and home visits. During these visits, your loved one will discuss their wellbeing with one of our compassionate caregivers who treat them with the kindness, dignity, and respect that they deserve.

Even better, over time your loved one can form a relationship with their caregivers, bringing valuable social interaction and a true sense of trust and emotional support. The relationships between our clients and caregivers is one of the most rewarding parts of our business, and we cherish each unique person with whom we get to work.

Trained Professionals

Senior Helpers caregivers are professionals who are trained to identify areas of concern for your loved one. This level of care cannot be achieved by a neighbor or family member without training, which is what makes Wellness Watch such a valuable program. The main purpose of a wellness check is to ensure that your loved one is healthy and happy; if they are not, our trained professional caregivers can notify you and help you take action as soon as possible. In addition, starting with Wellness Watch gives you access to quick-start home care, another one of the ways we provide outstanding home care.

Services include:

  • Weekly calls by a member of the care team specifically designed to get important health information
  • Two, one-hour in-home Wellness Visits per month
  • Discount on other Senior Helpers’ services
  • Access to our referral network
  • Monthly report from a member of the care team
  • A sole point of contact for all your senior care needs
  • Access to quick start Home Care

* Wellness Watch is not available in all areas, check with your local office for more details.

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If you would like to schedule a Wellness Watch check-in for your senior family member, please contact us today.

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Living with dementia is challenging, and living with someone with dementia is challenging as well. Trust Senior Helpers to know how to help and care for those people in your life. Allow them to enjoy care and comfort at a moment’s notice, and you can enjoy the same too.

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