Please join us on November 1st to launch the National Memory Screening Month, an annual initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  Take advantage of free, confidential memory screenings and pick up free educational materials about memory concerns, dementia, caregiving and successful aging.

 November 1st   10am to 2pm

Twin Cities Community Hospital

Founders Pavilion Conference Room

1100 Las Tablas Road in Templeton

 Memory screenings are a significant first step toward finding out if a person may have a memory problem.  Memory problems could be caused for Alzheimer’s disease or other medical conditions.  A memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness and does not replace consultation with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

-- Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s National Memory Screening provides free, confidential memory screenings to individuals concerned about memory problems or who may want to check their memory now and for future comparisons.

-- Qualified healthcare professionals administer the face-to-face memory screening, which takes five to ten minutes and consists of questions and/or tasks designed to test memory, language skills and other intellectual functions.

-- A memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness and does not replace consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.  However, it is an important first step toward finding out the cause of memory problems. Individuals with a below-normal score or those with normal scores but who still have concerns should follow up with a qualified healthcare professional.

-- Some memory problems can be readily treated, such as those caused by vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems. Other memory problems might result from causes that are not currently reversible, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

-- Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease enables individuals to obtain medical treatment and social services and make legal and financial decisions that can improve quality of life.

No reservation is necessary for the screenings.  We would appreciate your support in helping us spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors and other community members about the screenings in our area.  

For more information, please visit or call Senior Helpers at 461-5892.     

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