It is well known that walking is an easy, accessible exercise for the elderly who are able to do it. If we look further into a specific style of walking that has shown very promising health benefits, there is growing research to support interval walking. Interval walking is walking at a normal pace interspersed with intervals of faster walking, a 6 or 7 on a scale of exertion from 1 to 10. Ten years ago, Dr. Hiroshi Nose of the Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, developed and studied walking programs for middle aged and older people. The walkers were aged 44-78 and did five sets of intervals for a total of 30 minutes. The higher intensity interval lasted 3 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of a gentle pace. A separate group of older volunteers walked at a steady, moderate pace, about a 4 on the same exertion scale. After five months, the fitness and health of the older, moderate group had barely improved. The interval walkers, however, significantly improved aerobic fitness, leg strength and blood-pressure readings.

Dr. Nose and his researchers published further findings in December 2014, reporting that most of the participants stayed with the walking program after the initial period of five months. These participants were following the program at least three times per week and had maintained or even gone beyond their health improvements. The study’s current lead author, Dr. Shizue Masuki recommends people “perform the training for 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes in the evening, three days per week.”

This is great news for older adults that want to reap the benefits of interval exercise in a simple way. If you need help getting started and staying consistent, enlist the help of a friend or caregiver to walk with you. Senior Helpers caregivers are great at assisting clients with exercise or driving clients to areas like local beaches or parks that are conducive to walking.

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