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If you are a caregiver, there is a vast selection of books that address the challenges and stress of the caregiving role.

If you are a caregiver, there is a vast selection of books that address the challenges and stress of the caregiving role. Many family members that are also caregivers are not prepared for the personality changes that happen in their loved one as a disease like dementia changes the physiology of the brain.  A caregiver may not know how to react to these changes constructively. Hearing the words of others that have gone through the experience can be both comforting and enlightening. Some of the books below deal with dementia/Alzheimer’s but we have also listed those that talk about general aging, Lewy Body Dementia, Cancer, Parkinson’s, and stroke because, as an in-home care agency, we see these conditions most often among our clients. We are highlighting a selection of books here that we think offer helpful tools and advice to caregivers that can be used with a variety of conditions. This list is based on the book club list at Today’s Caregiver (caregiver.com) and Amazon.com reviews.

The Caregiver's Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself
By Carolyn A. Brent MBA

"Not limited to addressing the needs of Alzheimer's patients, this compact manual from Brent, founder of Caregiver Story and Grandpa's Dream, two nonprofit organizations geared toward providing comprehensive support for caregivers, walks readers through the crucial issues of moving their aging loved ones into an assisted-living facility as well as discussing emotional, medical, legal, and financial issues with them. Checklists are provided for gathering important information. A particularly helpful chapter delves into the frequent dilemma of dealing with the loved one's resistance to even talking about these issues. VERDICT An excellent, comprehensive guide to everything both new and seasoned caregivers need to know."

When Caring Takes Courage
An Interactive, Compassionate Guide for Alzheimer’s 
and Dementia Caregivers

By Mara Botonis

“This is a need to read guide for all current and future caregivers in our nation.”

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist-Specializing in Neuropsychology, United Nations Presenter on Brain Health and Co-Founder of Fit Brains App (with more than 7 million users worldwide) and Director of the Brain Health Center.

Three books in one, this volume includes:

  • Helpful Tips from Hundreds of Healthcare Professionals
  • Favorite "Failure Free" Solutions from Countless Family Caregivers
  • Over 700 Alzheimer's Adapted Activity Ideas

A Deeper Perspective on Alzheimer's and other Dementias: Practical Tools with Spiritual Insights
By Megan Carnarius

A beautiful, thoughtful and practical book based on the 25 years plus experience of Megan Carnarius, RN a specialist caregiver of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients known for her warm human touch. Essential reading for all caregivers the book provides a unique insight into patient needs as well as numerous helpful suggestions for the carer as they experience the various stages of dementia diseases and the physical, emotional and spiritual demands. Carnarius is a noted memory care consultant whose expertise is regularly sought out in the designing and managing of care facilities and as a family consultant.

The Emotional Journey of the Alzheimer’s Family
By Robert B. Santulli, MD, and Kesstan Blandin, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease is a growing public health crisis, with an estimated 5.4 million victims, expected to grow to 15 million by 2050. The disease also profoundly affects immediate family members, close friends, and neighbors.

Incorporating over thirty years of experience with Alzheimer’s patients and their families with current medical knowledge, the authors chart the complex emotional journey of the Alzheimer’s family from the onset of the disease through the death of the loved one.

They discuss the anger that rises in the face of discordant views of the disease, the defenses that emerge when family members are unwilling to accept a dementia diagnosis, and the common emotions of anxiety, guilt, anger, and shame.

Silver Lining Journal: For Caregivers
By Sharon Martin

Supports organization of dated health observations, and preservation of silver lining moments that sustain caregivers. Perfect for individuals, support groups, or as a special gift from health care providers who value the benefits of communication to achieve desired patient outcomes.  

You Can Do It
A Stroke's Survivor Guide to Independent Living
By Daniel A. Holst

For the caregiver and stroke survivor, it covers stroke causes, associated emotional effects, and rehabilitation. A significant portion is devoted to the many activities that Dan learned to do with one-hand.

Your Wife Has Cancer... Now What?
By Carson Boss

No matter what type of cancer your wife is diagnosed with there are common areas that all husbands will have to manage. This book covers thirteen main areas such as effective support techniques, dealing with difficult emotions, intimidating household chores and step by step financial guidance.

The book also includes six additional husbands that share their stories dealing with a wide range of cancers creating a built in support group for the reader. It will give you a quick blue print of what to expect so you can customize your own plan of action in becoming and effective caregiver for your wife, yourself and family. This may be her battle, but you are her soldier!

My Doctor Book
A Personal Medical Records Organizer
By Mary E. Carlton

My Doctor Book - A Personal Medical Records Organizer is meant to be used as an important resource/agenda during your doctor appointments and to assist in the prevention of medical errors. This organizer is for anyone who is a caregiver, has a chronic condition, is about to undergo a surgical or medical procedure, or is monitoring routine preventive care.

My Doctor Book will alleviate caregiver stress and empower you to participate in treatment decisions. With the assistance of My Doctor Book, you can immediately begin to protect yourself, your loved ones and those in your care. 

A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia Paperback 
by Helen Buell Whitworth MS BSNJames Whitworth

Although Lewy Body Dementia is the second leading cause of degenerative dementia in the elderly, it is not well known or understood and is often confused with Alzheimer' Disease or Parkinson's. The Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is the first book ot present a thorough picture of what Lewy Body Dementia really is.

A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is written in everyday language and filled with personal examples that connect to the readers' own experiences. It includes quick fact and caregiving tips for easy reference, a comprehensive resource guide, and a glossary of terms and acronyms.

This is the ideal resource for caregivers, family members, and friends of individuals seeking to understand Lewy Body Dementia.

The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers: Looking After Yourself and Your Family While Helping an Aging Parent
by Barry J. Jacobs

Caring for a parent whose health is in decline turns the world upside down. The emotional fallout can be devastating, but it doesn't have to be that way. Empathic guidance from an expert who's been there can help. Through an account of two sisters and their ailing mother--interwoven with no-nonsense advice--The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers helps family members navigate tough decisions and make the most of their time together as they care for an aging parent. The author urges readers to be honest about the level of commitment they're able to make and emphasizes the need for clear communication within the family. While acknowledging their guilt, stress, and fatigue, he helps caregivers reaffirm emotional connections worn thin by the routine of daily care. This compassionate book will help families everywhere avoid burnout and preserve bonds during one of life's most difficult passages.

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