Today is Earth Day! Take your senior for a walk in a local park or botanical garden. Enjoy the fresh air, big trees, plants and grass. Visiting a park seems so simple and common but it is free and easily accessible for most people! It can be a soothing experience that helps remind us to stay connected with nature. Learn about local and native plants at the botanical garden, maybe even buy some starters to plant at home. San Luis Obispo has a great botanic garden on Highway 1 in El Chorro Regional Park.

If your senior is unable to walk or leave the home, consider watching a film that explores a planetary issue or has gorgeous cinematography of nature, such as the Planet Earth series by the BBC. These films are also classic Earth-themed works:

  • -- An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore’s documentary on global warming.
  • -- King Corn – exposes the effects of the excess of corn in the American food system.
  • -- Blue Gold: World Water Wars – this one is very appropriate given the increasing drought conditions. Blue Gold tells the story of how water is being hijacked by wealthy corporations for profit.
  • -- March of the Penguins - the amazing life journey of Emperor penguins as they migrate from Antarctica amid dwindling ice.

Talk about the feelings or concerns the film brings up. Ask your senior what environmental changes they have witnessed in their lifetime, they have probably seen some big transformations. Whether you go out or stay in, think and talk about the Earth today!


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