Senior Helpers assists many clients who are veterans of a military war or are the spouse of a veteran. Our staff and caregivers are sometimes privileged to hear first-hand accounts from these veterans of their experiences in the Korean War, World War II or the Vietnam War. There are currently over 9 million veterans over the age of 65, with the largest group being the 7.8 million from the Vietnam era.

Veterans experience most of the same diseases related to the aging process that impact non-veterans. In addition to aging related diseases, the Veterans Administration (VA) has assumed that certain diseases can be related to military service. Some of the diseases related to military service may be: certain cancers, hearing loss or tinnitus, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A seven year study by Department of Defense and the National Institute on Aging found that veterans diagnosed with PTSD were nearly twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia as they age than veterans without PTSD. This means many of our dementia clients are also veterans. We seek to care for them while also being respectful of their experiences and honoring the service they performed for our country.

With more and more aging veterans needing help, the VA offers the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit, which can provide up to $2,053 a month for out of pocket medical expenses, including home care. For a veteran or surviving spouse to be eligible, the veteran:

  • Must have served at least 90 days of active duty, with at least one day during a period of war
  • Must have been honorably discharged
  • Must meet medical and financial requirements set by the Veterans Administration for veterans or for single, surviving spouses

The application process for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit is complicated. Before you submit a claim for benefits, it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a professional accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you do qualify and receive the benefit, it may be used to pay for the services of Senior Helpers.

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