“Thank you to all for helping us out and thank you for the personal visits from your office staff. We appreciate everything you guys are doing for all of us as you have become a major part of all our lives.”

Thanks again Skip and Kathy


“My caregivers have had the right personality for me. Senior Helpers knows me really well and they know what I am looking for in a caregiver. They are very good at providing a well-matched caregiver. Senior Helpers provides wonderful helpers who have been prepared, punctual and all of those good things that I am looking for in a caregiver. ”

Alice H – San Gabriel


“The services from Senior Helpers have taken a lot of stress off of me. I have a full time job, and I need to know that the caregiver will show up and take care of my mom. It has taken a lot of worry and stress off my shoulders. Laurie shows compassion because it's her personality. She's very laid-back, patient, doesn't get stressed, works with my mother and knows her personality. She doesn't push my mother, but she listens and talks to her like she's a friend.”

Candy A. – Pasadena


“I would recommend Senior Helpers to a friend because they supply caregivers that are confident in their job and are willing to go the extra mile to help out.”

Pat P – Pasadena


“The care has made my life easier for me. The service allows me to keep my appointments and do my food shopping.”

Matt M. – Pasadena


“Senior Helpers is able to provide the perfect caregiver that matches your loved one's needs exactly. I am definitely satisfied with everything that Margaret does. When there is a power outage, the caregiver is willing to take my mother to her own home. She is also perfect at contacting me when there is something that I need to be aware of.”

Susan P – Baldwin Park


“I would tell someone else looking for care that Senior Helpers' prices are fair and they flexible. You can count on them to get someone if you need them quickly.”

David W. – Arcadia


“Senior Helpers is a reliable agency. They meet my father's needs. When anything came up with the scheduling they responded promptly and efficiently.”

Diane R. – Los Angeles

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