When arranging care for a loved-one we know there are many questions, such as:

  • How do I know if I am hiring the right person?
  • How can I trust a total stranger?
  • How do I know the caregiver is honest?
  • How do I know the caregiver is trained?
  • What do I do if my loved-one is resistant to having someone new in the house?
  • What happens if my loved-one doesn’t get along with the caregiver?
  • What happens if things get worse, and we need even more care?
  • What if I live out-of-town, or am travelling, and need to know what happening with my loved-one?

“When I found your company I was really struggling with what to do. What a relief! You fulfilled every promise you made. You not only made sure the “fit” was good for my Dad, you took the whole family dynamics and personalities into consideration, and made sure it would work for all. You gave me comfort and hope that there was a solution to our situation (with my father).”
– Mary C., San Diego CA

Our #1 job is to ease these worries and give you a sense of security by providing your family with:

Experienced, qualified caregivers who are hand-picked to best meet the needs of your family. While many agencies boast that they do this, we take it to an entirely new level: All of our employees are pre-screened using technology that identifies their personality, behavioral style and level of integrity. This give us the unique ability to understand how our employees tend to behave and react in stressful situations ... even behind closed doors when no one is looking! Our goal is for you to have a caregiver who will blend in so well, that soon it feels natural to have them around.

“We appreciate how much time Senior Helpers spent listening to us and getting to know our mom at the beginning. We believe that this helped them find the right person to help our mom. They’re like two peas in a pod!”
– Hannah W., San Diego, CA

Supervised caregivers – who are registered with the State of California, have cleared an FBI and Department of Justice fingerprint screening, and are trained, bonded, insured and covered by worker’s compensation. The logistics and liability of managing the employee is on our shoulders.

“The services have had a great impact on my family's quality of life because we are able to live our lives and not be stressed about who is taking care of my mother and making sure she is safe.”
-- Laurie N., San Diego, CA

Dependable and trusted team – we are available 24-hours a day, 7 days per week to arrange for a substitute or replacement, in case your usual Senior Helper takes time off for vacation or sick time, and to respond to changes in the level or type of care needed.

“I appreciate the way that Senior Helpers adapted to our changing schedules, doctor’s visits, skilled nursing home stays, and working with family members when we were available, plus making the transition from part-time to 24/7 care. (The agency owner) David Wallace did a good job of explaining the way the new California regulations affected overtime rates, and the billing was clear and easy to understand and I never felt like we were “being taken advantage of.”
-- Paul K., Chula Vista, CA

With Senior Helpers of San Diego, you will receive an entire care team with your service. We put a compassionate and human touch in every aspect of our service - tailored specifically for your peace of mind, and for the needs of your loved-one.

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