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Multiple Sclerosis - Support and Care with Senior Helpers

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic nervous system disease with unpredictable symptoms that come and go.

What are Pooled Trusts and How Can it Help Pay for Senior Care?

States differ in how they treat income for Medicaid purposes. In general, a Medicaid recipient who is in a nursing home must turn over all of his or

Osteoporosis - Support and Care with Senior Helpers

You might be asking yourself, what is osteoporosis? According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, it means “porous bone”, or lacking the

How can Government Benefits Help me Pay for Senior Care?

Are you a veteran? Or are you the spouse of a veteran? If so, the Veterans Administration offers programs that can reimburse veterans for home care based

ALS - Support and Care with Senior Helpers

Whether you have been caring for a loved one with ALS, or your loved one has just received a diagnosis of ALS

How Can Purchasing an Annuity Help You Pay for In-Home Care?

It’s easy to define an annuity! But it is important to fully understand all your options when it comes to investing in you or your loved one’s long term

Heart Disease - Support and Care with Senior Helpers

For seniors, one of the most common types of heart conditions they experience is congestive heart failure (CHF).

What are Bridge Loans and How Can it Help Pay for Senior Care?

Do you need a temporary solution while waiting for long term funds to come in? Bridge loans are on the rise in popularity when it comes to helping pay

What do You do When Seniors Refuse Care?

Age sneaks up on all of us at some point in time, and not everyone likes making changes to their daily routine.

Cancer - Support and Care with Senior Helpers

It seems like in this day and age, cancer has touched everyone’s life in some way. This disease is when abnormal cells divide out of control and


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