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Senior Fun in the Sun

Summer has begun and the weather is getting hotter! This is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, get a breath of fresh air and enjoy what this time of the year has in store for us.

Although outdoor activities are good for all ages, they offer numerous health and social benefits for seniors. Studies have proven that getting outside can provide a regular mood boost which can lead to an enhanced quality of life. Spending time outside can help increase vitamin D levels that’ll fight conditions such as heart attacks and depression. Summer can also bring extreme hot weather conditions, so be sure to stay hydrated to reduce the risk of dehydration, heat strokes, and other health risks.

Summer Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers

  • Attend Museums or Historical Community Events
    Many local museums offer free admission as well as various summer activities

  • Visit a Flea Market or Farmers Market
    There’s nothing better than fresh produce at a discounted rate. Check out your local new broadcasting to catch the next market coming near you.|

  • Water Aerobics
    There’s no summer without a trip to the pool! Many community pools offer exclusive time slots just for seniors. Even simply walking around in the water can be beneficial to your health.

  • Have a Picnic at Your Local Park
    Thoroughly enjoy the outdoors by eating your favorite meals and soaking in the sunlight. Lay out a blanket or take a seat on a bench and enjoy the fresh air

  • Solving a Puzzle Window Side
    There are so many surprising benefits that come with solving puzzles. They can help improve memory, improve your visual-spatial reasoning and increase your IQ.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while bonding with your loved ones!