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Must Know Facts on Senior Nutrition

Proper nutrition is important for everyone, but proper nutrition for our aging loved ones can help create longer and stronger lives.

For adults older than 50, eating healthy does not only help with physical health, but mental health as well. Maintaining a healthy diet can improve mental acuteness, resistance to illnesses, higher energy levels, and more.

We know that as we age our nutritional needs change. Here are our top five facts on senior nutrition:

  1. A loss of appetite is NOT normal! While seniors require less food than younger adults because of metabolic changes, that does not mean a decreased appetite is to be expected. In actuality, a change in appetite could be a sign of a serious health problem
  2. Fewer calories does NOT mean fewer nutrients. Even though seniors do not require as many calories per day, they still need the same amount of nutrients (if not more)!
  3. Emotional health plays a big role in eating habits. Seniors who experience depression or loneliness often lose interest in eating, which can cause malnutrition.
  4. Medications can affect how seniors eat. Certain medications can change how certain foods taste, so it is important to consult any appetite changes with your aging loved one’s doctor after receiving new medications.
  5. The digestive system changes. As we age, our bodies produce less of the fluids needed to process food in our digestive systems.

Did any of these facts surprise you?