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In-Home Senior Care Tips: 6 Ways to Create a Safe Environment in Your Senior Loved One's Home

Home Layout

Creating an open layout for your home can really help eliminate obstacles and potential hazards for seniors. Something as simple as a narrow path between a TV stand and a couch, or an ottoman situated in the middle of a room, can prove to be tricky obstacles.

Safety Equipment

Utilizing canes or walkers is important, but it’s equally important to make sure those tools can do their jobs properly within the environment. If they are constantly getting caught on floors or carpets, don’t hesitate to put tennis balls on the bottom of the walker, or adjust carpets so they lay flat. Shower chairs and railings can help your elderly loved ones stand up and sit down easier. A walk-in shower (as opposed to stepping over a tub wall) can be extremely beneficial, as well as stairlifts, a lifting chair, or a ramp to the outside door.

Regular Checkups

Regular doctors’ checkups can go a long way toward ensuring your loved one’s health. If a senior is feeling dizzy or experiencing out-of-the-ordinary symptoms of any kind, make sure they tell their doctor, so they can identify any issues before they become too serious. Additionally, going for regular vision checkups and keeping glasses up-to-date is also important, as it can help prevent falls.


Maintaining a regular exercise regimen can really help improve mobility and reduce the risk of accidents around the home.  Even simply getting up from their chair or bed and walking around the house a few times a day can help stretch the muscles and maintain health. Staying as active as possible, like going for daily walks around the neighborhood, is a great method for preventing future falls.

Check Medications

As we age, we tend to rely on more medications. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep these medications straight, and if you’re not diligent they can interact negatively with each other and cause a reaction. Talk to a doctor or pharmacist about the different medications your loved one is taking and ask specifically if they can cause side effects when taken with other medications.

In-Home Senior Care

While we always encourage families to utilize these prevention techniques to minimize the risk of an accident, it can be a huge weight off your shoulders to hire in-home senior care professionals like Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers offers personal care that assists your elderly loved ones with a wide range of needs. Our caregivers will make sure they are supervised and accompanied while performing their daily routines and take great strides toward maximizing their quality of life.

To take advantage of our professional in-home senior care, contact Senior Helpers today.