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Get to Know Senior Helpers In-Home Health Care: Learn What We Stand For

At Senior Helpers, our ultimate goal is to ensure a better quality of life for our clients and their families through professional and affordable care. To do this, we know we must earn the trust and respect of all our clients and their families and be a positive contributor to the communities we serve. We prioritize our set of core values, which guide our caregivers in their work every day, and remind them of our overarching mission to put clients and families first. We also seek the most qualified and dedicated individuals to join our team, to ensure dependability of service. Our clients’ families want the best for their loved ones, and we make it one of our main goals to be transparent with them and give them peace of mind.


As should all in-home health care providers, we believe demonstrating the highest levels of honesty and integrity with our clients, their families, and our employees is paramount to building their trust and delivering effective care.

Improved Quality of Life

Our work in home care has always been about helping our clients and their families improve their quality of life throughout the aging process, maintain peace of mind, and enjoy the freedom of aging comfortably in their own homes.

Open & Effective Communication

We believe that transparency is critical to building and maintaining positive relationships and creating an exceptional experience for our clients.

Positive Attitude

To operate a truly successful in-home health care franchise, we know it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. We encourage all our caregivers and team members to think and act positively in every situation. 

Continuous Advancement

We are always trying to get better and take our service to the next level. One of the ways we do this is by continually examining facts and data and looking for areas in which we can improve. Our willingness to embrace change helps us grow and create exceptional experiences for our stakeholders. 

Celebrate Life

We believe in taking an optimistic approach, and always focusing on the positives. Especially when it comes to our clients, we want to celebrate their talents and their strengths rather than focus  on their weaknesses, and this attitude goes a long way toward fostering positive relationships with our clients and their families.

Our Caregivers

Thanks to our caring, kind, and personable caregivers, clients and families can enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind. We only hire caregivers who have been thoroughly screened and are fully credentialed. They must have all national and licensing requirements before joining the Senior Helpers team. Clients are relieved when they realize that for our caregivers, providing quality in-home health care isn’t just a job—it’s a lifestyle that excites and motivates them every day. When we welcome new caregivers into our family, we make sure they are fully engaged in, and enthusiastic about, the caregiving process.

If your loved one needs in-home health care, contact us to learn how Senior Helpers can make their lives easier.