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4 Ways to Help Convince Your Senior Loved One They Need Elderly Home Care Services

Breaching the topic of beginning elderly home care services for your senior loved ones is never an easy task to accomplish. It's probably uncomfortable for both parties: For adult children, there often isn't anything as awkward or unnerving as telling your parents you think they need assistance; for your parents, admitting they need help feels like giving away their independence.

Sometimes, one person sees it but not the other, and most often, it's the elderly parents who are resistant to the change. But what happens when a change is necessary but your senior loved ones are resistant to elderly home care services?

Here are some helpful tips that can aid you in convincing them to start receiving the support they need.

Emphasize the Increase in Independence

Even if they don't want to admit it, your elderly parents have probably realized that they can't quite do as much as they used to. Maybe they don't go for walks anymore because they're afraid of falling, or that they're too weak. Maybe they don't cook anymore because it's too much work and energy – and might not be eating well (or enough) because of it. There could be any number of things that have changed simply because they're old and can't do them well enough any longer.

But receiving elderly home care services can change that. It's as simple as having the peace of mind that someone is going to come by the house today and do something for them, or give them the support afterward in case anything goes wrong. Having support to lean on actually increases independence, despite how it might seem, and increases the likelihood that they can remain living in their own home!

Let Them Choose

Let your parents decide who will be taking care of them and what they'll be doing. At Senior Helpers, we're always happy to help ease their concerns by setting up a meet and greet first before any services begin. And of course, you and your parents are welcome to ask questions and set guidelines for what they do and do not want.

If your parents don't like the caregiver, stress that they can change who comes to support them. Senior Helpers is open to change and understands that while we strive only to hire and train the best caregivers, that your comfort is most important. We'll be as accommodating as possible while transitioning to a new caregiver, and will have someone new for you as quickly as we can.

This can also be done as a bit of a trial. Convince them to let the elderly home care service begin for a week or two, and then reevaluate how they feel about it. Most often, your loved ones will be much more comfortable once they've experienced and understood the services they are going to receive, and it will be much easier to convince them to continue service from that point forward.

Get a Different Opinion

Sometimes a suggestion just needs to come from a different voice. As the child or primary caregiver for your elderly loved one, sometimes your suggestions fall on ears that have stopped listening. Or sometimes, the messages – albeit correct and delivered with love – can get a little old. It's not a personal issue, but occasionally the message gets a bit stale.

Letting a professional – whether it's a doctor or your Senior Helpers care provider or someone else – give their opinion on a matter might allow your loved ones to hear the message different and see it in a different light, which ideally pushes them to allow the help they need.

This can also come in the form of a respected authority figure. Sometimes, that's a member of the family that everyone takes seriously, or even a religious leader or favorite relative. Some parents have even sent their young children in to ask how their grandparents are feeling as a means of getting them thinking about the problem and even admitting it to their young confidantes.

Discuss Other Options

You don't want to upset your loved one at the thought of leaving their home to live in a nursing home or assisted living center. However, if you gently explain the consequences of a fall while home alone, a hospitalization after continually forgetting to take medicine, an infection from a lack of or inability to bathe, and how that could leave both you and them with no other options, then they might see that receiving elderly home care services is a much better option. Being able to stay in one's own home is an invaluable measure of comfort.

We hope we have helped make this conversation with your parent(s) a little less difficult!

For more information on receiving elderly home care services from Senior Helpers, contact us today to speak with a representative!