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Fall Proofing Your Loved One's House

Did you know that accidents at home rank among the leading causes of death and injury among seniors? Fortunately, there are simple modifications that can be made around your aging loved one's home to prevent potential slips and trips.

De-clutter – Some of our elderly loved ones tend to collect more items than they need over the years. The first step is to remove these extra items from walkways, hallways, and stairs to make sure your senior has a clear pathway when moving around their home.

Lighting – Our vision changes as we age, making proper lighting in the home vital for senior safety. The best lighting for aging eyes is “up lighting” meaning the light goes up, bounces off the ceiling, and comes back down.

Secure – Loose rugs and lifted carpet create a huge fall risk.Check all rugs and carpets around the home to make sure they are set in place. Secure loose rugs with double-sided tape or slip-resisting backing. If the rug is not necessary, get rid of it!

For more tips on making your home safe for aging family members watch this video from America Now featuring more tips from Senior Helpers.