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Celebrating Healthy Aging Month

It's hard to believe September is already here!

September is the beginning of fall, football, and healthy aging! That's right, September is Healthy Aging Month and the Senior Helpers family is ready to celebrate.

Healthy Aging Month is an annual health observance created to focus on the positive aspects of growing older. The holiday is designed to spread awareness and inspiration on health and age!

To kick off the celebration, here are a few quick tips on practicing healthy aging:

  • Work it out! Keeping your body active is so important for healthy aging! Try walking, running, swimming, yoga, or dancing for daily activities.
  • Drink water! Keeping your body hydrated is not only key to good health, but it can always provide energy and keep you looking younger.
  • Make friends! Staying social is extremely important for mental health. Check out your local community centers for events happening in your area.