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Senior Home Care Services vs. Assisted Living: What's the Difference?

It's never easy making the decisions required with taking care of our elderly loved ones. But with every day they age, the probability of care and support services needed rises. This doesn't mean sticking your loved ones in a nursing home, though, but rather finding the best solutions for them – and ones that can keep them in their own homes, living as independently as possible. That solution is very often utilizing senior home care services.

But when it comes time to make the difficult choices, many people don't understand the differences in care options. Continue reading to help alleviate some of your questions, as we'll discuss the differences between senior home care services and assisted living.

What Are Senior Home Care Services?

Senior home care services are exactly what they sounds like – care for seniors in their homes. This comes in a variety of different forms, and can be referred to in a variety of different ways. Senior care, in-home care, senior services, and home aids are all in the same family as elderly care. And though each might have slightly different meanings, they all have the same goal: giving your elderly loved ones the care and support that they need to maintain their dignity and independence, and the peace of mind of those who care for and love them.

At Senior Helpers, senior home care services are our specialty.

Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable senior home care service. We are a trusted and respected organization that takes a responsible role in supporting our clients and their families, our employees, and our community.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living differs from senior home care service in a very distinct way. In assisted living, an elderly person moves into a new home, often in a community other elderly people, and receives assisted living services there.

It's marketed as an alternate, less-expensive approach to nursing homes, where instead of round-the-clock service for patients who often have very little mobility or are bedridden, care and support is provided as needed.

Assisted living is, in a way, a middle ground between receiving senior care home services and moving into a nursing home. When opting for assisted living, residents are forced to move out of their lifelong homes and into an assisted living community, where they often live in a small studio-style apartment and receive the same senior home care services they would have received in their homes.

Families often rush into decisions or don't fully understand what they're signing up for – or that they can receive the same high-quality care and support (and often even better) by simply allowing their elderly loved ones to receive in-home senior home care services.

Senior Home Care Services vs. Assisted Living

We've touched on this a bit already, but these are a few of the differences that are often misunderstood when choosing a senior home care service.

- Why move out of your home, where you're comfortable and happy, and make such a drastic change so late in your life when you can receive the same care in the comfort of your own home? Avoid the exhausting – both physically and emotionally – process of cleaning out your home, packing away all your memories, and moving somewhere new.

- Plus, you're often paying for the room and board of your loved ones in addition to the senior home care services they're receiving in this assisted living facility, where you could be saving a lot of that money every month by just letting them live at home.

- Assisted living facilities often tout the availability of waivers, tax credits, and deductions that can help pay for their services, as well as unique Alzheimer's and dementia care that they claim is unique to their facilities.

However, all of the cost-reduction waivers and methods are equally available to those who choose senior home care services, which evens the financial playing field. Plus, by choosing a trusted senior home care service company like Senior Helpers, your elderly loved ones have access to our specially-designed Senior Gems® program, which provides a custom program to support your elderly loved one's unique Alzheimer's or dementia battle.

For more information on Senior Helpers and our services, contact us today to speak with a representative about getting your loved ones the care and support they need.