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Seniors in the Community

At Senior Helpers, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community.

One of the best ways to do that is to devote your time to improving and bonding with your community. But what happens when you aren't strong enough to build a playground or walk door-to-door raising money for schools?

This may be the case for many senior citizens, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be a contributing member of their communities. Keeping your aging loved one social and active can help build a stronger and longer life for them. Staying active in the community (whether it be an assisted living facility or a neighborhood) is a great way to keep their social skills strong.

If your senior wants to give back to their community but isn't sure how, introduce them to this short list of ways any elderly person can give back:

Bake Sales – If your aging loved one is a pro in the kitchen, help them make their famous desserts or side dishes to sell at bake sales. They can also create delicious treats for community meetings or parties.

Clothing Drives – Our aging loved ones tend to collect a lot of clothing over the years. Help your senior clear out their closets and donate gently used clothing and coats to their neighborhoods.

Historian – If your senior has lived in the same community for many years, they would be great resources for any historic preservation group. Their knowledge will not only save historic buildings, but also educate newer generations.

Helping the community doesn't always mean rolling up your sleeves, or emptying your pockets.  Click here if you are looking for other ways to connect your aging loved one to their community.