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Meal Prep for Seniors

While almost everyone enjoys a homecooked meal, many seniors who live on their own don't see the point of cooking just for themselves.  Unfortunately, skipping meals or opting for frozen dishes can negatively affect their health. So, what can your aging loved one do? Cook in advance!

While pre-planning meals is an ideal way to keep organized, it can be extremely overwhelming. To help plan and prep healthy meals, we put together a few of our favorite tips for quick and easy prep methods!

  • Plan before shopping. It is important to plan exactly what your aging loved one will need before hitting the grocery store as to avoid buying too much or too little. Purchasing the exact ingredients is the first step to keep you on track.
  • Cook in groups. Once your senior has planned their meals and purchased the proper ingredients, it is time to start prepping. Cooking in groups tends to make the process a little easier. For example, cook meats, then vegetables, and then carbs.
  •  Think outside the box. Meal prep is often associated with the same meal every day, but that doesn't have to be the case! Encourage your elderly loved one to try new meals and ingredients so they don't get tired of the same taste every day.

Meal preparation might take some time to get used to, but for independent seniors it can save time in the end.