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Bad Habits for Bad Eyesight

In the age of technology, it feels like our eyes are always focusing on a screen. While tablets, phones, computers, and televisions certainly provide entertainment, they are starting to have an impact on our eye health.

If you or your loved one are active tech users, make sure you look (no pun intended) at this list of bad habits that are ruining your eyesight:

  • Staring at your smart phone. It is important to remind yourself to take a break from your phone every 20 minutes and focus on something in the distance. You can even add reminders on your phone that will pop up in specified intervals.
  • Watching television at night. Looking at any screen in the dark causes a lot of strain on your eyes. Since the lights on the screen are changing frequently, your eyes are working overtime to process everything you are viewing.
  • Not wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are designed to help block harmful UV rays that can harm your eyes over time, so it is important to wear a pair when you are spending time outdoors. Excessive squinting (from sensitivity to light) can also cause eye pain.

Click here to discover more bad habits to avoid for better eye health. As always, we strongly encourage you and your aging loved one to visit your eye doctor annually to stay on top of your eye health!