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Early Warning Signs of Parkinson's Disease

When you think of Parkinson's disease, you more than likely think of tremors or uncontrolled movements in the hands. While that is certainly a symptom of PD, tremors do not necessarily always mean Parkinson's. In fact, there are several symptoms to keep an eye on, and while no single symptom means you should worry, you should always be aware.

It is important to note, however, that some symptoms are difficult even for doctors and specialists to detect.  Some symptoms affect motor skills and can be more noticeable, such as:

  • Tremors or shaking in a finger, thumb, hand, chin, and/or lip
  • Slowness of movement known as Bradykinesia
  • Loss of spontaneous or voluntary movement
  • Unusual stiffness in a limb or other body part
  • Problems standing or walking
  • Issues with balance and coordination
  • Reduced facial expressions

PD doesn't just affect motor skills. You may also notice changes in your loved one's mood, sleep behaviors, and speech. You can find more early signs and symptoms from the Senior Helpers' partner, National Parkinson Foundation, here.

If you or your loved one is experiencing the above symptoms, or if you just have questions about your health, it is vital to consult a physician as soon as possible.