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Satisfying Sweet Tooth Substitutions

We are all guilty of a sweet tooth from time to time, and while cupcakes and candy can be tempting, there are healthier alternatives!

We've pulled together a few ways to make your favorite foods healthier, without sacrificing the sweet flavor:

  • Dark chocolate: One the of easiest switches for your sweet tooth is swapping our milk chocolate for dark chocolate. While dark chocolate may not be AS sweet, it contains more fiber and antioxidants than milk or white chocolate.
  • Cinnamon for cream and sugar (in coffee): Cutting out the cream and sugar in favor of a dash of cinnamon can reduce your caloric intake by up to 70 calories per cup. Plus, cinnamon can boost metabolism too!
  • Plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit for flavored yogurts: Pre-flavored yogurts are often loaded with extra sugar. Avoid the sugar rush by opting for plain Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit or honey or agave for that hint of sweetness.

What are some of your favorite healthy food swaps?