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How to Prepare for the Scare

Halloween is a fun time for many, but for those with Alzheimer's and dementia, the holiday can be a very confusing and scary time. 

Your elderly loved ones may be easily confused by the costumes, decorations, and constant ringing of the door bell. To make the day a little less spooky, don't leave an elderly person with dementia or physical limitations home alone on Halloween and be sure to follow some of these tips:

  • Help your aging loved one answer the door and hand out candy if they wish (some still really enjoy Halloween and may like seeing the younger kids have fun!)
  • Put up a sign asking trick-or-treaters to avoid ringing the doorbell or knocking on your loved one's door. You can always leave a bowl of candy out so the neighborhood trick-or-treaters don't miss out!
  • Be prepared! Movies, books, music, and crafts are all a good way to ensure your loved one is distracted from what is happening outside while enjoying their evening themselves.
  • Follow dietary instructions; avoid over indulgence of chocolate or sugar.

We hope you have a safe and spook-free Halloween!