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Satisfying Food Substitutions

New year, new you- how often do we hear this? Setting intentions and making resolutions for the new year is a wonderful thing to do! One that we commonly hear is to make smarter/healthier food choices. This can be challenging- especially when the stuff that isn't good for us can taste so darn yummy! We've pulled together a few ways to make your favorite foods healthier, without sacrificing the flavor.

  1. Quinoa for couscous or oatmeal: Couscous is made from processed wheat flour and quinoa is a whole-grain superfood packed with protein and nutrients. If you cook it with milk and some cinnamon and apples or raisins- it's a great substitution for oatmeal too! Bonus? The textures are almost exactly the same!
  2. Cinnamon for cream and sugar (in coffee): Cutting out the cream and sugar in favor of a dash of cinnamon can reduce your caloric intake by up to 70 calories per cup. Plus, cinnamon can boost metabolism too!
  3. Plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit for flavored yogurts: Pre-flavored yogurts are often loaded with extra sugar. Avoid the sugar rush by opting for plain Greek yogurt (hooray for extra protein!) and add fresh fruit or honey or agave for that hint of sweetness. Bonus- Greek yogurt is also a great substitution for sour cream and mayonnaise too!
  4. Arugula, spinach, kale and/or romaine for iceberg lettuce: Not all greens are created equally. Darker greens usually mean more nutrients, including iron, vitamin C and antioxidants.
  5. Sauté in chicken broth instead of oil: You might not get that nice browned color to your veggies like you do with oil, but sautéing in chicken or veggie broth can lighten up your dishes while adding lots of flavor!

What are some of your favorite healthy food swaps?