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Winter Workouts for Everyone

Winter is here! But that doesn't mean your fitness regimen needs to come to a halt if the weather turns ugly. Everyone has their own workout preferences, but you don't need to fork over piles of cash to a gym or personal trainer to have fun and get in great shape. These low-cost workouts can keep you moving all winter long and right into the spring.

Get outside
If the weather isn't too terrible, bundle up and head outside to enjoy the fresh air (and some Vitamin D) on a winter walk- exercising in colder weather may help you burn more calories, so be certain to dress in warm layers. Be careful to avoid ice and snow!

Do a fitness challenge online
If you prefer to work out at home, look to YouTube or even an online fitness program. YouTube is more than just viral videos- it's also a great site for free workouts you can do in your living room! There are tons of fitness programs and challenges out there online- from yoga to Pilates, Zumba and more intense cardio workouts, there is something for everyone!  

Discount gym memberships
Sometimes, it's good to get out of the house and interact with other people. Many gyms offer membership specials, coupons, discounts and free passes- especially this time of year. It's also good to check with your company's HR department as many offer discounts for gyms as part their insurance plans.

Play like a child
Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go to the skating rink, run up the biggest hill in your neighborhood. Whether you have kids or not, these are fun ways to get some exercise while lifting the winter haze and gloom.

Some people like to exercise alone. Others prefer a group vibe. Choosing the right winter workout from this list will be easier when you consider your own fitness personality. As always- before starting any new workout regimen- be sure to speak with your physician to make sure it's right for you!