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Everyday Workouts for Busy Caregivers

We all have the similar goal of a healthier life. And while eating smarter and getting more exercise sound great on paper, they aren't the easiest tasks to accomplish when you have a busy schedule – especially the busy schedule of a caregiver.

However, we know that taking care of yourself is number one, so we put together a short list of everyday (easy) workouts for even the busiest caregivers!

Walking – As simple as it sounds, walking is a great exercise tool for people of all ages. Try walking with your senior for 30 minutes a day. You'll both enjoy the exercise and get some fresh air together.

Yoga – Yoga is wonderful for both your mind and your body. Yoga combines endurance with stretching that gives your body great strength training and balance. You can practice poses first thing in the morning or when you have a few minutes to spare!

Planks – Doing a plank helps strengthen your muscles without putting too much stress on your joints. Plus, you can start with a 10 second plank and work your way up from there. Everyone has at least 10 seconds a day, right?

Chair exercises – As strange as it may sound, there are several exercises you can do while sitting at your desk! Try a seated jumping jack and other seated exercises by following these steps.

What are some of your favorite everyday exercises? Share your workout routines with us by commenting below or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages.