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Sleep for Seniors: How Sleep Improve Health

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and laying your head on your pillow after a long day? How about waking up feeling relaxed and rested after a full night's sleep?

We think it is pretty safe to say that everyone likes to sleep (well maybe everyone but your preschooler!). What makes sleep even better, is that hitting the snooze button is essential to a healthy lifestyle!

According to Health.com sleeping doesn't just eliminate dark circles under your eyes, but it can also…

  1. Improve your memory! During sleep cycles, your brain is actually working pretty hard to strengthen memory and skills you learned while you were awake!
  2. 2.      Maintain a healthy weight! Researchers at the University of Chicago found that people who were dieting and well-rested lost more fat than those who were sleep deprived. The sleep deprived folks actually lost more muscle mass than fat!
  3. 3.      Lower stress. Sleep has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.

The list goes on! Click here for more health benefits of sleep!

Have you noticed any of the above health benefits after a good night's rest? Share your stories with us by commenting on this blog or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Sweet Dreams!