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Fun Learning Games for Seniors

There are two things that should always stay a part of your life…no matter what your age…games and learning! The game and the form of learning might change over time (though they don't have to!), but these are the things that can help to keep us young- so why not have some fun with them? Do you tend to use the same board games and word games over and over and over again? Everyone loves a good game of monopoly, but perhaps it's time to try a little something different. Here are some great ideas we found that might not be so new, but can bring back some great childhood memories and help make connections with the grandkids and family while you learn too!

Memory Card Game- this classic card game is a great way to exercise memory. Lay all the cards from a deck face down in a 13 x 4 pattern. The first player turns two cards over at random. If they are a match, she keeps them and goes again. If they are different, she turns them back over and it is the next players turn. As more cards are revealed, players are forced to remember where the cards are on the grid. Player with the most pairs at the end wins!

Simon Says- This childhood favorite exercises reflex skills and memory and can be appropriate for seniors already experiencing some memory loss.

Name that Tune- this one is great for exercising and testing long-term memory. Assemble a playlist of songs that were popular when seniors were young. Play a short clip and ask participants to write down the name of the song and artist. Use 10 to 15 different songs- the person with the most correct responses wins!

Tech Games- studies show that video and computer games help with learning because they are adaptively harder…meaning that they keep challenging us through increasingly demanding levels of play. They can also help to increase visual acuity, spacial perception, working memory and reasoning.