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Sun Safety: Sunglasses for Seniors

The season of sunblock and sunglasses is nearly upon us! But did you know that sun damage to eyes can occur anytime of the year – even if the weather is cloudy?

Overexposure to UV light raises the risk of eye diseases including cataracts and even cancer. Intense exposure to the sun's rays can even cause temporary or permanent blindness called snow blindness.

Follow these tips to make sure you and your aging loved one's eyes are protected from sun damage:

  • Always wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat while outdoors (even on cloudier days)
  • Never look directly at the sun
  • Limit time in direct sunlight
  • Find shade when possible
  • Regularly visit your eye doctor.

While the sun's rays do provide several health benefits, it is important to keep your aging loved one's exposure to the sun moderate!

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