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Making Cooking Easier with Parkinson's Disease

Cooking or baking can be a favorite hobby for many, but those with Parkinson's Disease (PD) may find the task to be more daunting.

While certain aspects of cooking with PD may be exhausting, these tips and tricks can help you and your loved one cook healthy meals safely!

  • Get the right utensils – using a rocker knife as opposed to a straight knife requires less energy when cutting vegetables or meats.
  • Get a grip – if you are having trouble opening lids, try using a rubber glove or rubber grip sheet to get a better handle on the jar.
  • Get organized – putting all the necessary ingredients, tools, etc. in one area will require less movement for your loved one
  • Get level – If it's more comfortable, try sitting in a chair that brings you to the height of the counter.
  • Get simple – Focus on recipes that require less ingredients and less preparation time. This way you can still have a healthy meal without the frustration of long preparations.

For more tips and tricks for making cooking easier with PD, check out this blog of The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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