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New Year's Resolutions for Seniors

Happy New Year from the Senior Helpers family!

Now is the time to think of some resolutions for our aging loved ones! Maybe your senior set their own resolutions, but if they need some help thinking about a few health-conscious goals for 2017, share the following list with them!

Spring Into Action – If your aging loved one has gotten too comfortable sitting down, encourage them to get up and walk. You can create a 30-day challenge for them by helping them walk a few minutes each day and increasing the time daily (with a rest day every so often, of course!). Walking is important to keep your senior's body moving and their muscles working.

Be More Social – Does your senior prefer sitting at home alone? This year, encourage them to join an art class at the community center or attend readings at the local library. Social interaction is important for their brain activity as well as their morale.

Exercise the Mind – Rather than sit around and watch television before or after dinner, ask your aging loved one if they would like to work on a puzzle or maybe start a new book. These activities will improve their mental strength, which can improve memory.

What are some other New Year's resolutions for seniors? Share your ideas by commenting below!