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Explaining Alzheimer's to Children

Alzheimer's and dementia can be difficult for anyone to understand, but for children, understanding why grandmom or granddad doesn't remember their names can be devastating.

We all know that this disease affects the entire family which makes it just as important for your little ones understand what is happening, too.

Here are a few ways to help your children understand and cope:

  • Offer comfort and support by allowing your children to ask questions and to talk about their feelings.
  • Let me know that feeling sad, angry, and/or confused is completely normal. It's okay to admit that you feel the same way, too.
  • Respond honestly to their questions. Sometimes it is easier to hold back on some details, but in the end, it is important for your child to know what is happening to their loved one.

Education is the best tool to help your little ones understand what is happening and learn different ways to communication with their elderly loves ones.

Do you have a child that has experienced Alzheimer's or dementia in your family? How did you help them cope? Share your stories with us by commenting below or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages.