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Preparing your Senior's Home for Fall

Cold weather is just as difficult for seniors as hot weather is. Blankets and sweaters can keep their home warm is important too. Heating is expensive but fortunately there are ways to keep warmer and not over tax the heating system.

Windows - Caulk and weather strip doors and windows to prevent cold air from entering the home.                                                                

Curtains – Remove the dark curtains and replace with lighter, translucent curtains. Let the sun and natural light in to create heat.

Close the doors – Make sure you close the doors to any unused rooms so that colder air stays in those rooms while the other rooms can be better heated.

You may be surprised at how this small changes can make all the difference in your senior's home, and on their electric bill!

Have you started preparing your aging loved one's home for colder weather? What about your own home?