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Dementia and Halloween: How to Prepare for the Scare

Halloween is a fun time for many, but for those with Alzheimer's and dementia, Halloween can be a very confusing and scary time.

Your elderly loved ones may be easily confused by the costumes, decorations, and constant door bell ringing. Don't leave an elderly person with Dementia or physical limitations home alone on Halloween, and be sure to follow some of these tips:

  • Help them answer the door and hand out candy if they wish (some still really enjoy Halloween)
  • Put up a sign asking trick-or-treaters to avoid ringing the doorbell or knocking on your loved one's door.
  • Be prepared; movies, books, music, crafts are all a good way to ensure your loved one is distracted from what is happening outside while enjoying their evening themselves.
  • Follow dietary instructions; avoid over indulgence of chocolate or sugar.

Remember, to be aware before you scare!