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No Tricks with These Halloween Treats

Trick or treating can be a great time for the grand kids and little ones in our families, but it can also be a recipe for sugar overload if you're not careful! Here are some great ideas for fun, festive treats that you can make with the kids without compromising your diet.

  1. Banana Ghosts- Take a medium banana, cut it in half and use chocolate chips for the ghost's eyes and mouth!
  2. Apple Peanut Butter Monster Mouths- adorable and delicious!
  3. Creepy Carrot Fingers and Hummus- this ghoulishly guilt-free appetizer is perfect to bring to a Halloween get together
  4. Spiced Apple Cider- not only is this the perfect way for adults to start a night of trick or treating, but it has less than 200 calories per serving! Take out the apple brandy and you have a kid friendly beverage too.
  5. Clementine Pumpkins- it's fun how a small detail can turn an ordinary orange into a fun Halloween snack!

What's your favorite healthy Halloween treat?