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Fall Yard Work Made Easy

October is a time to take advantage of the mild fall weather to tackle some outdoor tasks around your home before the winter arrives. Fallen leaves can clog drainage and become slippery in the rain, so it's important to make sure our yards and clean and free to help prevent any dangerous slips and falls.  Some additional chores that can be taken outside of the home to make it safe include:

  1. Gutter inspections: gutters and downspouts should be kept clean and should direct water away from the foundation, as well as from walkways and driveways so that they do not become slippery or icy.
  2. Raking: rake the leaves into piles and scoop them into yard waste bags. Reconsider burning leaves- it can be dangerous for both you and your home!
  3. Don't forget the Garage! It is recommended that you empty out unused fuel from gas powered equipment like lawnmowers to avoid sediment build up in the winter. Gasoline should be stored in tanks and easily accessible for use in your snow blower or emergency generators for the winter when necessary.

By keeping these important fall safety tips in mind, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family from seasonal dangers. This will leave your mind free to enjoy the beauty of this glorious season.