One of my favorite memories of childhood is reminiscing with my Grandfather. It was so interesting for me to learn about how he grew up and the experiences he had. What I did not realize at the time was, not only was I enjoying it but it was really good for him as well. Many times it was an old picture that started our conversations. It was amazing how a picture could bring a crystal clear memory to my Grandfather.

Reminiscing helps seniors review past accomplishments and activities, thereby giving them a renewed sense of fulfillment about their life. Most seniors have a bag, a box, or a container of old pictures somewhere in their home. The next time you are visiting your loved one help them find it. As you start going through the pictures, just watch their eyes light up and go on that journey with them.

The stories you’ll hear will not only amaze you, but many times will educate you. You will learn not only about your loved one’s personal history but world history! The renewed excitement and joy you bring to your loved one will be something you can share.  Just watch, as you sit and reminisce with your loved one, the years fade away. For that time, whether it is a few minutes or a few hours their worries, aches and pains take a back seat to their younger years.

Although it is always wonderful for family and friends to reminisce, it still can be a positive and uplifting experience for your loved one even when you’re not available. Senior Helpers of Reno’s professional caregivers are trained to provide meaningful companionship to our clients. Let us help you to bring happy memories and a brighter day to someone you love. Call us to discuss how we can begin to bring activities to your loved one specifically designed to help brighten their day.

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