Most of us have great memories of things that we did or interactions we had with our Mom. In my life, some things that did not even seem so “great” when they happened have turned into fun memories as time has gone by. No matter how old we get or where our lives lead, those memories stay with us. Memories of her own mother are with your Mom too.

This Mother’s Day why not help your mother (or Grandmother) reminisce about special things about their Mom. Thinking about their Mom and discussing happy memories of her will help your Mom to remember happy times in her life. Not only will your Mother feel good that you are taking an interest in her history but the reckoning process and acknowledgement of happier times can help to clear up depression, reverse the feelings of isolation and help seniors to get back into a rhythm of positive reinforcement that boosts physical and mental wellbeing.

A great thing about giving this gift is that if you cannot be with your Mom on Mother’s Day you can share great memories over the phone (and it sure doesn’t cost what it used to when she was younger)!

At Senior Helpers of Reno we work hard every day not only to give our clients the care and comfort they need but to lift them up and provide happiness and fulfillment to their lives. Let us share with you some ways we can bring excitement and activities to your loved ones day that will renew their sense of fulfillment about their life.

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