Did you know that encouraging seniors to reminisce is known as life cycle review? It is one of the easiest and most efficient techniques you can use to boost a senior’s confidence and brighten their mood. In fact, it is just about fool proof as a method of combating mild depression or loneliness.

Give this a try. The next time that “same old story” comes up engage your senior loved one to expand. Ask specific details. How long ago was that? What exactly was happening back then? Where were you living at the time?... The vivid connection to a time when your loved one felt more alive, happier, successful and useful reassures them that they weren’t always in their current physical and mental state.

One of the ways Senior Helpers of Reno works with our clients to encourage reminiscing is by scrapbooking. Let us help your loved one begin creating scrapbooks that encourage positive feelings and prompt further memories. The benefits of storytelling through scrapbooking are greatly underestimated.

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