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Here you will find helpful tips, loving advice, and useful information to make caring for an aging loved one a bit easier.


Helping Seniors Remember

Did you know that encouraging seniors to reminisce is known as life cycle review? It is one of the easiest and most efficient techniques you can use to boost a senior’s confidence and brighten their mood. In fact, it is just about fool proof as a method of combating mild depression or loneliness.

Picture Perfect Memories

One of my favorite memories of childhood is reminiscing with my Grandfather. It was so interesting for me to learn about how he grew up and the experiences he had. What I did not realize at the time was, not only was I enjoying it but it was really good for him as well. Many times it was an old picture that started our conversations. It was amazing how a picture could bring a crystal clear memory to my Grandfather.

Favorite Mother’s Days Stories

Most of us have great memories of things that we did or interactions we had with our Mom. In my life, some things that did not even seem so “great” when they happened have turned into fun memories as time has gone by. No matter how old we get or where our lives lead, those memories stay with us. Memories of her own mother are with your Mom too.

Honoring Our Veterans

This month, we want to focus on celebrating our nation’s heroes – veterans. Do you have a special veteran in your life? When was the last time you asked them about their experience in the service or gave them a little gift to show your appreciation? Even if you do not have a veteran you know well, there are many ways to say thank you to the heroes in the Reno/Sparks community and ways that the community is giving back.

Don’t Slip, Trip, or FALL

Wow, last night’s storm in the Reno/Sparks area was sure exciting and loud! I am surprised there are any leaves left on the trees! Fall isn’t only the name of the season. When leaves start to fall, the chances of slips and trips outdoors increases. Leaves on the ground can cause a danger zone for seniors.

Fall Festive Decorations

I have been talking a lot about cleaning up and preparing your home for colder weather, so now let’s talk about making your home prettier! Creating fall decorations is a great way to bond with friends and family, brighten the home, and get in the autumn spirit!

Fall is here! Tips for Raking and Yard Work

Fall is here! I was out and about this weekend and all around Reno and Sparks the leaves are changing colors and just starting to fall. As beautiful as the oranges and the reds look, leaves on the ground can become a burden – and even a danger. When you get ready to pull out the rake and broom, keep these safety tips in mind, especially if your aging loved one is helping!

Planning Ahead for a Stress-Free Holiday

Can we be honest for a minute? Some parts of the holidays are wonderful… but we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that other parts can be a little stressful. If you love planning and organizing, the logistics of pulling off a family get-together can be exhilarating. If you don’t, however, your stress level may be firing on all cylinders! I remember as a child being so excited around the holidays, looking forward to seeing all our elderly relatives that we only saw at holiday times. In the same way, being surrounded by loved ones can provide comfort, peace and festive holiday energy it can also bring with it the challenge of looking out for the aging members of your family. That was what really made my Mother stressed. The holidays change when you factor in caring for an elderly relative, but often planning ahead can lend itself to everyone enjoying the holiday together and keeping stress to a minimum. Here are a few tips you can share with your family in preparation for the holidays this year:

Productive Activities Give Seniors a Sense of Purpose

A sense of purposelessness is one of the worst feelings a person can have. It’s always important that seniors whether they be a loved one, friend or client know they are valued and can still contribute. One way to help a senior feel this way is by encouraging productive activities. Although this varies by age and ability, productive activities are what get us up in the morning! Productive activities give us a sense of value and purpose.