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Honoring Heroes on Memorial Day and Affordable In Home Senior Care

Memorial Day is traditionally used to mark the beginning of summer for most Americans. It usually means a long weekend and possible mini vacations away from home. With cookouts, get-togethers and celebrations, the true meaning of the holiday can be easily forgotten. Many businesses and government offices will lower their flags to half-mast to remind us to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives to protect our country. This Memorial Day, make it a point to take the time to honor our fallen heroes.

Happy May Day and In Home Elderly Care

The month of April has drawn to a close and we are another month further into the spring season. May 1st is called May Day in many cultures and is celebrated with dancing, festivals and flowers. May Day marks the midway point between a solstice and an equinox and is a celebration of spring.

How Laughter Improves Mental Health and In Home Help

It is incredibly difficult to keep a straight face when being tickled. Trying not to laugh during a funny movie or comedy skit is probably just as impossible. We don’t need to be taught that laughing is fun and makes us feel better. It’s so important to develop a sense of humor and to not take ourselves too seriously. Learning to laugh at ourselves helps us to learn not to dwell on things in our lives that were accidental or are embarrassing. A good sense of humor and the ability laugh at ourselves helps us to get over tricky situations easier and quicker. Laughter is so good for the mind and body that there’s an often-repeated saying that goes, “laughter is the best medicine”.

Earth Day Ideas for Seniors and In Home Senior Care

The weather is starting to finally warm up and we are finding more opportunities to spend our time outdoors. With the beautiful flowers beginning to bloom and the pleasant spring breezes, we can take the time to appreciate our Earth and how wonderful it truly is.

How to Reuse Everyday Items and In Home Elderly Care

Every day, we find something in our home to toss out. Whether it’s old food scraps, paper plates, or junk mail, there are always items being thrown into the garbage can. With companies working harder to use more recyclables in their new products, it is wise to also follow trend as much as possible. The more we learn how to reuse everyday items, the less of a contribution we make to the landfill.

Learning to Laugh Out Loud and In Home Help

It’s a common phrase that laughter is the best medicine. It may seem obvious that anything that makes you smile should make you feel better overall; but it’s so much more than that. Learning to laugh out loud is beneficial by improving health both emotionally and physically.

Helping Seniors Declutter and In Home Assisted Living

Spring time is finally here and we can start to unravel ourselves from our winter cocoon. This winter has been pretty hard on many parts of the country and a warmer season is a welcome change. With the season of rain showers and May flowers, comes the season of organizing and spring cleaning.

Spring Fun for Seniors and In Home Help for the Elderly

It may seem hard to believe that winter is finally drawing to a close. This has been a particularly difficult winter for much of the country. Most people are eager to leave their home which has had them cooped up for a few months and enjoy the spring sunshine. There are many ways to enjoy the warmer spring weather and definitely some spring fun for seniors!

Celebrating St Patricks Day and Assisted Living at Home

The weather is just beginning to feel more like spring in some parts of the country, while many places are still recovering from a particularly tough winter. St Patrick’s Day is a pleasant reminder that spring will soon be here and the warmer weather will return. St Patrick’s Day is holiday known for its Irish traditions and wearing lots of green. Most large cities around the country like to get into the Irish spirit every year. Chicago is known for dyeing its river green and many other cities around the country like Boston, San Francisco, New York City, and St Louis host widely popular St Patrick’s Day parades.

Nutrition Tips for Seniors and In Home Care for Elderly

As we age, the foods we eat can have a greater impact on health, and are very important for resisting illness and encourage faster recuperation times. The better we eat, the better we feel, and this can improve emotional wellness and overall sense of wellbeing.


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