Here’s a sample of what some of our clients are saying about our services….

I hope I’ve been able to express much more than just a token thanks for all you do. Being this far away from Shirley makes it very difficult to manage her affairs. Had we not found you and Carol, I just don’t see how this would have worked out and we would have had to move her to a facility a long time ago which is what Shorty did not want for his wife of 70 years. I am in business and I fully recognize when someone is giving service above and beyond the call of duty. We are extremely grateful that we found the two of you and the excellent staff you have provided, and for the wonderful job all do. Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to do to help you help my aunt.

Darrell – Nephew, Broken Arrow, OK


Lou and Carol,
First we want to thank you for quickly going to visit my aunt and uncle. Getting them to realize that they need help is a, difficult at best, conversation to have. Your involvement during that phase of decision making minimized our stress levels considerably. We know this is the right decision, as we want Aunt Colleen and Uncle Kenny to continue to enjoy their independence and stay in familiar surroundings. You and Carol have been a blessing for them and us. You were there when I didn’t know where to turn. I don’t forget that!!

Jim/Carol W, Niece/Nephew in Law – Stillwater, OK


Carol & Lou, My first job could not have been under more loving and generous people than you. You welcomed me with open arms and I cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate what you are doing for others, I hope someday during my nursing career I can give back to this world that has given me so much. Thank you again for being the supportive employers you are to all your staff.

Anne Marie, Caregiver – Overland Park, KS


Thanks Lou, Hope you guys can enjoy the holiday as well. By the way, I just want to let you and Carol know that my mother, sister and I are very pleased with the care we have received from Senior Helpers, in particularly Ellen. It has taken a great load off of my mind to know that my mother is well taken care of while I am at work. Take care yourselves,

Jeff M, Clients Son – Overland Park, KS


I wanted you to know that I am grateful how all is going with my mom. I have expressed my appreciation directly to the Senior Helper care providers, especially Phyllis and Lottie. I can't tell you enough how much I have appreciated the consistent, reliable help of Senior Helpers in the care of mom. I would be happy to be a strong reference for you or write a testimony for your website. The Lord sent you when we were in "crisis mode" and relieved our stress/worry about mom. I can't thank you enough.

Jane V, Daughter – Minneapolis, MN


Dear Carol and Lou,
Just a note to thank you for all you did for Dad and Rose and our family. You did a wonderful job of finding special people to care for them. Dad and Rose enjoyed both of you because you are all such caring people. Thank you

Peggy, Daughter – Dallas, TX


Thank you right back Carol,
I was very impressed with your professional presentation and your graciousness to our pending grads. You made a great impression on several. I know with your schedule we were privileged to have you share you insights with our group
Thank you again,

Micki Holliday – Director, Career Services, Brown Mackie College


Dear Carol and Lou,
On behalf of my mother Gloria, myself & family we wanted to thank you again for all the great and loving care you provided for my father. You gave him what he wanted/feared most, the ability to stay in his home and not go to facility care and be away from mom. He spent way too much time in hospitals with illness, the last thing he wanted was to spend whatever remaining days he had being someplace that wasn’t familiar or full of wonderful memories. Looking back I’m amazed it was everyday for just shy of 3 years. For this we will be forever grateful. We wish the both of you many of God’s blessings in this world we live in and for the selfless work you do. Maddie was loved like a granddaughter, she is a gift to the field of health care. May God continue to bless the great work you do. Oh behalf of my Dad and all of our family we will be forever grateful.

Terri, Gloria – Daughter and Wife – Overland Park, KS


We are very, very thankful that Carol responded to our initial inquiry so quickly. You guys are doing a great job. Shirley is happier than I ever thought she would be in the situation. It's difficult having her there with no family in town, but you and Carol and the caregivers have been more than we could have ever hoped for. Thanks for everything. Talk to you soon.

Brenda R, Niece in law – Broken Arrow, OK


Lou and Carol,
Thank you for your love, support and understanding during this time of grief. Losing my dad was totally unexpected and I’m so very appreciative of you being great employers and being there for me. So happy to have you in my life. God Bless.

Mary G – PCA, Senior Helpers, Overland Park, KS