Carol and Lou Warren are the owner/operators of Senior Helpers®, locally headquartered in Overland Park, the first and only Senior Helpers® office in Kansas.  We are proud to be associated with a national leader in non-medical “in-home” care who offers love ones personalized service as an alternative to facility living, if desired.

Lou spent many years in senior level management in the packaging industry and Carol contributed nearly 20 years to the airline industry in HR and flight services.  We moved to Overland Park in 2003 and made it our home when Lou took the position of VP of Plastics, Films and Flexibles manufacturing with an international packaging company whose North American headquarters is located in a KCK suburb.  When confronted with another potential relocation half way around the world, we decided against uprooting ourselves, yet again.  (We jokingly comment on how it is easier for us to tell you where we haven’t lived than where we have).  Because of our desire to stay in Overland Park, Lou opted for early retirement and we embarked on a new career path in 2009.

Lou sought to align himself with another local firm that could take advantage of his business experience and background while minimizing extensive travel and the potential for relocation.  Many opportunities presented themselves but nothing quite matched what we were in search of.  During the course of our search, we reconnected with a former colleague who had departed the corporate world to pursue a different business direction…. Senior Helpers®! He shared his personal involvement with Senior Helpers® and our interest was piqued!  This led to an in depth evaluation of the industry and extensive due diligence to ensure the business aligned with our principles, beliefs, education and business experience.  Luckily, the location was available for acquisition, so, in December of 2009, we acquired Senior Helpers® of Overland Park. 

We opened our doors 3 months after purchase with both of us wearing the multiple hats associated with the business and it has given us a unique perspective of what our caregivers go through, what the clients require and how the families deal with the needs and expectations of care for their loved ones.

Owning our own business comes with its challenges and heartache, however, the gratification that comes from knowing you are helping others on a daily basis is immeasurable!  We have been so blessed by having Carol’s parents, at the age of 92 and 87, still living their own life healthy and independent.  We had no realization of how many families were not so fortunate.

As is the case with other Senior Helpers® locations, we conduct a detailed evaluation of every new client’s situation which helps determine the level of individualized care required and the appropriate team member is selected based upon the evaluation.  All caregivers go through a rigorous interview process including detailed reference and background checks and are Senior Helpers® employees meaning they are fully insured and bonded.  Our caregivers come with skills acquired over years of experience caring for others.  We supplement those skills with training in dementia, through Senior Gems®, Parkinson’s and other skill modules available from within our Senior Helpers® University (SHU) library.

Our mission, simply, is to provide the best service we can to our clients and offer positive educational exposure to our caregivers who have chosen Senior Helpers® to continue their career while sharing their experience and skill with us along the way.